Mission-Critical Solutions

Established in 2004, AMRAD supplied the Navy SEALs with tactical communications solutions that were previously unavailable. Through its pioneering efforts, AMRAD has grown over the years to provide innovative solutions for government agencies including the Department of Defense, US Navy, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Marine Corps, and others.

As a GSA contract holder, AMRAD serves beyond the general customer spectrum to fulfill the government's radio communications needs. Our specialists provide GSA pricing, availability, and handle all special requirements you may have concerning your procurement. For a GSA pricelist, or to place your order through GSA, please click here.

We visualize problems and solutions through the eyes of those we serve.

With a combined ---- years of experience, our team consults with you every step of the way to provide the best radio solutions for your mission.

* For CB or ham radios, please visit Ham Radio Outlet.

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